LINDGREN/ KOTSCHE from NICE: New single „Octopus“ released

LINDGREN releases his new song "Octopus" via Spinnup. LINDGREN produced this "high-energy"" track and wrote it together with KOTSCHE from NICE. Get you share of LINDGREN here [more]

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EKI from NICE: TIM KAMRAD single "Ruin Me" out today

The new single "Ruin Me" by TIM KAMRAD (ROOF Music) is out today! EKI from NICE produced and mixed the single KOTSCHE von NICE: Co-productionGet "Ruin me" here  [more]

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NICE: MARIA VOSKANIA releases her debut album

MARIA VOSKANIA (Universal Music) began her career as background singer for German Schlager sensation Helene Fischer and is now taking the stage as an artist. Her debut "Magie" is out today. Writing-Duo NICE wrote the...[more]

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NICE: "Unendlich eins" - TAGTRÄUMER release their second album

After a top-5-position in the charts 2015, the five-member band TAGTRÄUMER (Warner Music) release their second album "Unendlich eins".The Song "Meilenstein" was written by NICE in cooperation with Thomas...[more]

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NICE is a German songwriter and producer duo consisting of „Eki von NICE“ and „Kotsche von NICE“ – Cologne/Bochum, Ruhrgebiet.

NICE develops their music as a team, working at the “Kanal 24“ studio in Bochum. NICE scored first cuts with titles on the album of Ich Kann Fliegen, Auletta, Caliban and Callejon.


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