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TOBIAS RÖGER/KIKO MASBAUM: PARALLEL feat. Cassandra Steen with "Eine Sprache"

On their second single "Eine Sprache" PARALLEL (Electrola) team up with well known singer Cassandra Steen.TOBIAS RÖGER co-wrote and produced "Eine Sprache" together with the band KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single ...[more]

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Yearly charts 2017: 11 LP with Golden Gate involvement

The year 2017 ended successful for many Golden Gate producers! Eleven albums with Golden Gate involvement made it to the official 2017 charts of the year: Helene Fischer - "Helene Fischer" (1st position) - KIKO...[more]

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TOBIAS RÖGER: #1 for VANESSA MAI and "Regenbogen" LP

VANESSA MAI (Sony Music) enters the German LP charts on #1 in the first week of sales. For her it's the first time on top of the charts!TOBIAS RÖGER wrote "Sternenmeer" Listen to "Sternenmeer" [more]

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TOBIAS RÖGER: VANESSA MAI released her album "Regenbogen"

After VANESSA MAI (Sony Music) released her LP "Regenbogen" on the 11th of august, she will start her big solo tour through 15 German cities in April 2018.TOBIAS RÖGER wrote the track "Sternenmeer" Click here...[more]

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Tobias Röger constitutes a contributing part of a new generation of lyricists, songwriters and producers.

His unique way of creating simple, yet straightforward words accentuating melodies remains yet to be matched in German songwriting: extensive yet to the point, melancholic and euphoric. His accompanying texts are best pals meaning well and doing so good - words like sudden scintillations.

Artists such as Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Cassandra Steen, Roger Cicero appreciate these qualities, and Röger has already penned a tune or two for many of them...

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