KILIAN & JO: AUTOGRAF release "Dead soon"

Chicago based band AUTOGRAF (Vision Records) speaks up for living the moment in their new single  "Dead soon" feat LILS and BONSAI MAMMAL! KILIAN & JO co-wrote "Dead soon" Listen to the song...[more]



Today is the release of REA GARVEY's (Universal Music) new album "Neon". After already releasing three singles in the past weeks the waiting for the whole album has finally come to an end today! KIKO MASBAUM mixed the...[more]


TV-Documentary about ROGER CICERO

On the 24th of march is the 2nd anniversary of ROGER CICIERO's death. In memory of him the German TV channel NDR produced a documentary about his life and music carreer called "Roger Cicero - Ein Leben für die Musik"....[more]


SANDI STRMLJAN: New album "Rübezahl" by JOACHIM WITT

Today JOACHIM WITT (Ventil Records) releases his new album "Rübezahl" which makes this the incredible number of 16th studio albums in total. SANDI STRMLJAN co-wrote 6 tracks of the album and also did the string...[more]


SVEN LUDWIG: JURI veröffentlichen "Koala"

Die Band JURI (Sound Of Cologne) aus Köln veröffentlicht heute ihr neue Single "Koala"! SVEN LUDWIG hat die Single produziert und gemischt Hört euch "Koala" hier an [more]


LINDGREN: New KAYEF single "Irgendwann Jetzt"

Today the German rap-, pop- and YouTube - artist KAYEF (Goodvibe Music) released his new single "Irgendwann Jetzt". Parts of the single were played in the new "MICHALSKY for About You" TV- and Online...[more]


JEM: KALED releases new single "Kennst mi no"

The Munich based artist KALED (Universal Music) released his first single "Kennst mi no" of his upcoming album. The same-titled album will be released at the end of September 2018. "Kennst mi no", produced...[more]


KIKO MASBAUM: New single "Beautiful Life" by REA GARVEY

Today is the release of the third single from the new REA GARVEY (Polydor/Island, Universal Music) album "Neon". The single "Beautiful Life" is another pretaste for the new album which will be released next...[more]


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