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KILIAN & JO: New BROOKES BROTHERS single "Flashing Lights"

On the way to "Orange Lane"  BROOKES BROTHERS (Viper Recordings) release their second single "Flashing Lights" feat. Shezar & Bossman Birdie today.KILIAN & JO: Co-writing "Flashing...[more]

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KILIAN & JO: "What Do I Tell My Friends" BREE RUNWAY single

With "What Do I Tell My Friends (WDITMF)" BREE RUNWAY (Machine Records) from London presents her next single together and video! KILIAN & JO co-wrote and produced "WDITMF" MTV says: "A progressive...[more]

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KILIAN & JO: Get cosy with the "Suburbia (Castle Version)"

Check out "Suburbia (Castle Version)" a soft and reduced take on the KILIAN & JO (Universal) single feat. ERIK RAPP. The video for this acoustic version is set in a castle - get it, "Castle Version"......[more]

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KILIAN & JO: The "Suburbia" Remix EP is here

On Friday, the Suburbia Remix EP with three fresh remixes of KILIAN & JO's (Universal Music) single "Suburbia" feat. ERIK RAPP was released! The EP features remixes from Jerome Price, Zanski and Sedge."Suburbia...[more]

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Kilian & Jo also worked for Namika, Möwe & Daniel Nitt, XO, Glasperlenspiel, Elaiza

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Kilian & Jo are a young and dynamic duo shaking up the music scene with their fresh productions and energetiv remixes. They provide lovers of powerful music with their vivid new sound from their own set-up in berlin-Kreuzberg.

Upcoming releases are through Universal, Warner, Sony and Armada Music.

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