Tobias Röger

producer, songwriter



TV-Documentary about ROGER CICERO

On the 24th of march is the 2nd anniversary of ROGER CICIERO's death. In memory of him the German TV channel NDR produced a documentary about his life and music carreer called "Roger Cicero - Ein Leben für die Musik"....[more]

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TOBIAS RÖGER/KIKO MASBAUM: PARALLEL feat. Cassandra Steen with "Eine Sprache"

On their second single "Eine Sprache" PARALLEL (Electrola) team up with well known singer Cassandra Steen.TOBIAS RÖGER co-wrote and produced "Eine Sprache" together with the band KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single ...[more]

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Yearly charts 2017: 11 LP with Golden Gate involvement

The year 2017 ended successful for many Golden Gate producers! Eleven albums with Golden Gate involvement made it to the official 2017 charts of the year: Helene Fischer - "Helene Fischer" (1st position) - KIKO...[more]

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TOBIAS RÖGER: #1 for VANESSA MAI and "Regenbogen" LP

VANESSA MAI (Sony Music) enters the German LP charts on #1 in the first week of sales. For her it's the first time on top of the charts!TOBIAS RÖGER wrote "Sternenmeer" Listen to "Sternenmeer" [more]

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Also worked for Johannes Oerding, Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Alex Amsterdam, Ton, Tobias Regner and many more...              
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Tobias Röger constitutes a contributing part of a new generation of lyricists, songwriters and producers.

Artists such as Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Cassandra Steen, Roger Cicero appreciate his qualities, and Röger has already penned a tune or two for many of them.

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