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Producer & songwriter news

TYTUS: New single "Hass" by PLANETARIUM

Today is the release of PLANETARIUM's (Asmara Records) new single "Hass". The Cologne based band and TYTUS have already worked together in the past on the previous single "Magie". TYTUS co-wrote and produced...[more]


JEM: UDO LINDENBERG sings "Wir ziehen in den Frieden"

UDO LINDENBERG (Dolce Rita Recordings) sings of peace in his new single "Wir ziehen in den Frieden" feat. KIDS ON STAGE. It's the first song to be released from the upcoming second UDO LINDENBERG MTV Unplugged LP. JEM...[more]


KIKO MASBAUM: NICO SANTOS releases his debut album "Streets of Gold"

Today NICO SANTOS (Universal Music) finally releases his debut album "Streets of Gold". After his two very successful singles "Rooftop" and "Safe", this album seems to be on a good way to become as...[more]


JOCHEN NAAF/MORITZ ENDERS: BOSSE releases new album "Alles ist jetzt"

Today is the release of BOSSE's (Universal Music) new album "Alles ist jetzt". This is already the seventh studio album by the Braunschweig based songwriter. JOCHEN NAAF co-wrote the two singles "Alles ist...[more]


TOBIAS RÖGER: New WOLFGANG PETRY single "Wo sind denn all die Helden"

Being absent from the stage since 2006 hasn't stopped WOLFGANG PETRY (Na Klar! GmbH/Sony Music) from making music. November 30th he will be releasing his ne LP "Genau Jetzt!". Today you already get to hear the first...[more]


ROLAND SPREMBERG: MAITE KELLY with her new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso"

MAITE KELLY (Electrola) says, with her today released new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso" she embraces life and love. ROLAND SPREMBERG produced and mixed six tracks of the LP as well as the four special acoustic tracks...[more]



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"Closing the GAP" - New ABOUT YOU - GAP campaign

Today the new ABOUT YOU TV- & Online-spot for the GAP campaign "Closing the GAP" was released. Accompanied by NOËP's (Sony Music) single "New Heights" a group of young people is chiling at the beach, ...[more]

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"Überall Zuhause" - Christina Stürmer

GER #26 / AUT #1 / CHE #21 - LP Charts

The songwriter duo NICE co-wrote 3 songs including the current single "In ein paar Jahren", EKI von NICE produced the album.

"Helene Fischer" - Helene Fischer

AUT #25 - LP Charts

The writing-team NICE contributed "Du hast mich stark gemacht" to the LP.
Kiko Masbaum mixed the tracks "Adieu", "Wenn du lachst" and "Schmetterling".