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This week's charts are looking good for BOSSE and MAITE KELLY as well as for three Golden Gate producers. BOSSE (Universal Music) enters the charts on #1 with his new LP  "Alles ist jetzt". MAITE KELLY (Electrola)...[more]

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ROLAND SPREMBERG: MAITE KELLY with her new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso"

MAITE KELLY (Electrola) says, with her today released new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso" she embraces life and love. ROLAND SPREMBERG produced and mixed six tracks of the LP as well as the four special acoustic tracks...[more]

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ALEX BEITZKE: MATT GRESHAM with new album "Who am I Now"

MATT GRESHAM (Trigger Ercords/Warner Music) releases his new album "Who am I Now" today. He already released several singles in advance so today the long-awaited debut album follows. ALEX BEITZKE produced and mixed the...[more]

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ROLAND SPREMBERG: New single "Die Liebe Findet Mich Schon" by INKA BAUSE

Today is the release of INKA BAUSE's (Universal Music) new single "Die Liebe findet mich schon". This is INKA BAUSE's first new single after her last album in 2010 called "Meine Besten". ROLAND SPREMBERG...[more]

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Roland Spremberg works as a producer, songwriter and musician. Since many years he occurs in the international music industry with a lot of different projects. Spremberg started his career as a musician after a successful finish of his music studies at the Musikhochschule Detmold (contrabass and piano). During the early 80s he was part of different bands until he became a steady member of the international successful band "Dissidenten" in 1986. During the end of 80s Spremberg was founder member and singer of a Hamburger band called "The Land".

In 1996 he started his career as a producer and songwriter. Different works with A-ha, Livingston, The Baseballs, Sugarplum Fairy, No Angels, Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon and his production of the theme song for "What happens in Vegas" reveal impressive Sprembergs great musical range. His international break through happened in 2000 when he produced the A-ha LP "Minor Earth Major Sky" which was sold over 2 million copies and earned Roland an ECHO nomination. Spremberg also acted as a producer for another very succesful A-ha LP called "Foot of the Mountain" and also for the singles from this LP.

Roland Spremberg lives in Hamburg Germany and works in his own studio "Studio 439" as well as all over the world.

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