Michael Ilbert: Big Bang Live-DVD & CD mix

Michael mixes the new Live DVD and CD of Big Bang (Warner) from Norway.[more]


Michael ilbert - Selig album & single mix

Michael mixed 9 songs for the new SELIG album (Universal) - including the first single "Ewigkeit".[more]


Michael Ilbert: Recording Avril Lavigne

Michael Ilbert records 4 songs for the new Avril Lavigne album with Max Martin and Shellback in Sweden.[more]


Moritz Enders: new Single Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandova

For the upcoming single of Revolverheld (Sony) feat Marta Jandova of Die Happy, Moritz recorded the duette with Marta and mixed the song. [more]


Michael Ilbert mixt Tocotronic Single

Die neue Tocotronic Single "Die Folter endet nie" (Universal) wird von Michael im Hansa-Mix Room gemischt.[more]


Markus Schlichtherle: Auletta album

Markus will produce the new Auletta album together with his partner Olaf Opal in the fall. [more]


Opal & Schlichtherle: Christina Stürmer album production

] Olaf Opal finished the production of the new Christina Stuermer album (Universal). Markus did all the mixing for the upcoming album and singles  at his Studio 24 in Bochum.[more]


Olaf Opal: new JULI album is done

Olaf Opal and Tobias Siebert finished the production of the new JULI album (Universal). [more]


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