Jem - making things happen

  After giving their final producing and mixing touch to two spectacular albums -  Virginia Jetzt! (Motor) and Martin & James (Universal), respectively - Jem are yet again back in action producing and...[more]


Jochen Naaf – creative craze in Cologne

  Artistic frenzy in Cologne! Crime scene is Jochen’s studio:   - Finalization of Fertig, Los production (Sony) - Jennifer Rostock’s single ‘Irgendwoanders’ (Warner) - additional production and mix - Bosse...[more]


Jochen Schmalbach: Philipp Poisel, Sascha, A-ha

Jochen usually works in his Berlin studio "Stehende Welle", his last work: Phillip Poisel single "Als gäbs kein morgen mehr" (Gronland Records) A-ha album track "Start the simulator"...[more]


Moritz Enders: Move, Revolverheld, Livingston

Moritz has opened his new home base in Maarwegstudio 2 at Wolfgang Stach in Cologne[more]


Olaf Opal: Juli, Madsen, Stanfour, And, And, And …

The new studio KANAL24 in Bochum has barely opened its doors, and Olaf is already busy working on the following projects:   - New Juli album (Universal) - Chart entry at no. 84 for the new Silvester single, Du ‘willst...[more]


Stockholm – Berlin – Stockholm … with Patrik Berger

  Patrik Berger – Berlin – Stockholm – Berlin – Stockholm – Berlin – Stockholm …   - Final production touches added to Roman Fischer album - The Juvelen song ’’You Don’t Love Me’’ (hybris) produced by Patrik, is...[more]


Pelle: Refused, Ghost of a Thousand, Fertig Los!

Since change is a good thing, Pelle is currently touring through Europe under his alias FOH.   Prior to that, he gave it all once more for:   - Refused live album mix (Burning Heart) - Ghost of a...[more]


Jochen Schmalbach: Platin für Fanta 4

Wir gratulieren FANTA 4 ganz herzlich zu ihrem 13ten Album-Erfolg FÜR DICH IMMER NOCH FANTA SIE - die LP wurde gerade mit Platin ausgezeichnet! Jochen Schmalbach hat mitproduziert und -geschrieben.[more]

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