Eki von Nice

producer, mixer, songwriter



NICE/Eki von Nice: CHRISTINA STÜRMER releases new LP "Überall Zuhause"

"Überall Zuhause" is the title of CHRISTINA STÜRMERS (Universal Music) 8th studio album. As one of the most successful austrian artists of the past decade CHRISTINA STÜRMER - who is well-known beyond austrian borders -...[more]

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NICE: CHRISTINA STÜRMER with new single "In ein paar Jahren"

CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Polydor/Universal Music) releases her new single "In ein paar Jahren"today. The single is the first glimpse of her upcoming new album "Überall zuhause" which will be released in late...[more]

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Echo nominations 2018 with Golden Gate participation

The Echo nominations for 2018 are released. We're proud to announce that many Golden Gate producers were involved! The BOUNCE BROTHAS are nominated for "Producer National" for Bausa's "Powerbausa" album...[more]

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NICE/JOCHEN NAAF: TIM KAMRAD presents debut LP "Down & Up"

TIM KAMRAD (ROOF Music) releases hir first studio album "Down & Up". Currently he's supporting Sunrise Avenueon tour. EKI from NICE produced and mixed „I Don’t Know Myself“, „Ruin Me“, „Love Me Right“, „Head...[more]

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Eki von Nice also worked for Stanfour, Polarkreis18, Auletta, Christina Stürmer, Callejon, Juli and many more.

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In 1994, nobody really catches the sound of his band. That's why he take it into his own hands and Eki von Nice discovered his passion and his talent for music production.

In subsequent years he has been involved in many productions, in Mohrmann Studio he builds-in his own little studio and works as an engineer with acts such as Kreator, Hugo Race and the True Spirits and Sick of it All.

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