Peter Jem Seifert is a well know German music producer, mixer, songwriter and three times German ECHO award winner.

For many years now, established leading artists of the German music scene and upcoming new artists alike highly appreciate Jem for his work distinguished for a nearly unmistakeable instinct for hit-potential.

Three ECHO awards as "Producer Of The Year" for his productions of Udo Lindenberg "Stärker als die Zeit" and "MTV Unplugged - Live aus dem Hotel Atlantic", Ich + Ich "Gute Reise" and Andreas Bourani "Staub und Fantasie", as well as numerous Gold- and Platinum awards are further proof of that.

Jem had considerable influence on German rockstar Udo Lindenberg's success of the last 10 years. And Andreas Bourani also came back to work with Jem again on his second now multi-platinum awarded LP "Hey" incl. the football World Cup hit-single "Auf Uns", after the great success of his debut "Staub und Fantasie".

The high positions in German music charts of Wincent Weiss' radio-hits "Musik Sein" and "Feuerwerk", as well as Johannes Oerding's LP "Kreise" and Michael Patrick Kelly's LP "iD" also show Jem's exceptional skills as mixing engineer.