JEM: UDO LINDENBERG up on #1 for three weeks and still counting

With his second MTV Unplugged "Live vom Atlantik" UDO LINDENBERG (Dolce Rita/Warner Music) enters the German charts on #1 in the first week. Three weeks later he still defends his lead position JEM produced and mixed the LP...[more]

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JEM: New single "I was a Teenage Aushilfskraft" by IBRAHIM LÄSSING

Today is the release of IBRAHIM LÄSSING's (ferryhouse) new single "I was a Teenage Aushilfskraft". The rocker from Regensburg is the opposite of mainstream and already won the "Panikpreis" from the "Udo...[more]

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JEM: BENNE releases new LP "Im Großen und Ganzen"

BENNE (ferryhouse) presents his new album "Im Großen und Ganzen" today on CD and available for streaming and in 2018/2019 live on tour! JEM mixed the single "Licht in uns" together with Jens Dreesen The song...[more]

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JEM: New single "Licht in Uns" by BENNE

The new single "Licht in Uns" of singer-songwriter BENNE (ferryhouse) is out today! With "Licht in Uns" he presents the first song of his upcoming third LP. JEM mixed the single together with Jens...[more]

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JEM: New single "Herz über Bluat" by MAX VON MILLAND

Today is the release of MAX VON MILLAND's (0472 Records) new single "Herz über Bluat". The Austrian singer is known for singing in the typical tyrol accent. JEM mixed the single. Listen to "Herz über Bluat"...[more]

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JEM: LÄSSING releases "Irgendwas ist los mit uns"

Formerly known as Ibrahim LÄSSING this singer now releases his first single with a close to new name - LÄSSING (ferryhouse) with "Irgendwas ist los mit uns" out today! JEM produced the single together with Oliver...[more]

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JEM: KALED releases new single "Kennst mi no"

The Munich based artist KALED (Universal Music) released his first single "Kennst mi no" of his upcoming album. The same-titled album will be released at the end of September 2018. "Kennst mi no", produced...[more]

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KILIAN & JO/JEM: New KILIAN & JO single "Lose Myself"

After a few collaborations KILIAN & JO (Virgin Records/Universal Music) are back with their own new single "Lose Myself" - released today! KILIAN & JO co-wrote und produced the single JEM mixed the...[more]

Category: Kilian&Jo, Jem

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