Sandi Strmljan

songwriter, producer, arranger



SANDI STRMLJAN: Debut album "Kassettenkind" released by NEA

Today is the relaese of NEA's (Timezone) debut album "Kassettenkind". The german singer from Leipzig tells stories about a generation which had to change their lifes completely after the reunion of east and west...[more]

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SANDI STRMLJAN: New album "Metalized" by MAXXWELL

Today is the release of MAXXWELL's new album "Metalized". With their fourth album the Swiss hardrock band  is heading to a more modern direction but still remians true to themselves. SANDI STRMLJAN co-wrote the...[more]

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SANDI STRMLJAN: SEBEL releases new single "Wetter"

The German singer-songwriter SEBEL (Warner Music) today releases his new single "Wetter".Come rain or shine people always complain about the weather anyway - so this single is the tune for this and every summer still to...[more]

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SANDI STRMLJAN: New album "13 Pfeile" by THOMAS GODOJ

Today is the release of THOMAS GODOJ's (Tomzilla Music/ F.A.M.E Recordings) new album "13 Pfeile". This is already his ninth studio album after he won the German casting show DSDS in 2008. SANDI STRMLJAN co-wrote four...[more]

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Sandi worked for artists such as Helen Schneider, Udo Lindenberg, Sebel, Glasperlenspiel and Chris Norman
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Sandi Strmljan is an established multi-platinum awarded songwriter and producer based in Hamburg and Berlin. Sandi has been involved in more than 300 released songs throughout Europe, Japan and the USA - several awards for sales are just the icing on the cake!

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