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TYTUS: New single "Hass" by PLANETARIUM

Today is the release of PLANETARIUM's (Asmara Records) new single "Hass". The Cologne based band and TYTUS have already worked together in the past on the previous single "Magie". TYTUS co-wrote and produced...[more]

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TYTUS: PLANETARIUM releases music video for new single "Magie"

The band PLANETARIUM (Asmara Records) from Cologne, Germany released a music video for their latest single "Magie" today. With its filter touched pictures and edgy trash themes the video perfectly complements the catchy...[more]

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TYTUS: TYLE debut "Never Stop" out now

TYLE (NAPA Songs) today presents his debut single "Never Stop"! Explaining his music as "weirdly delicious, slow-cooked fast food Rap-Soul-Music" TYLE's single "Never Stop" has all the right...[more]

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TYTUS: Debut album by LICHTBLICK

Today is the release of LICHTBLICK's (Universal Music) selftitled debut album "Lichtblick". They are the first schlager-music girlband in Germany. TYTUS co-wrote the single "Leuchten". Listen to...[more]

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Worked for artists such as Disarstar, Tonbandgerät & Robert Redweik
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Tytus is a promising producer, songwriter and confessing beat nerd. His preference for beats together with his extended abilities as a musician enables him to take a broarder view on music and allows him to produce music in a traditional as well as in a progressiv way.

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