Originally Willy Löster wanted to be a Jazz guitar player. Luckily for artists like LaBrassBanda, Marie Marie, Django 3000 and The Notwist he changed his ming after learning about his passion for producing music during his studies for audio- and video engineering in Düsseldorf.

These studies are what makes him kind of unique among music producers. He was trained in electrical engineering and room acoustics along with his musical education. This helps him understand the assembling of audio and video parts. Established Jazz and Swing ensembles like The Hi-Fly Orchestra or the All Swing Big Band made use of his expertise in recording an orchestra or Big Bands, which was also a great part of his studies.

Moving to Munich in 2009 was the starting point of his career as THE producer for Bavarian dialect music. For every band he worked with he created an unique and recognizable sound making them stand out of the crowd. Great example is the success of LaBrassBanda. There's no avoiding Willy when it comes to Bavarian music that is new, interesting and courageous.

But still he would never limit himself to only one genre. Lately he worked for Jazz artists and electronic music as well as for Punk and Hip Hop LPs.