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mixer, producer, songwriter



NEVO/JEM/ENDERS: 1Live Krone 2015 - The Nominees

The WDR 1Live Krone will take place in Bochum this year. It's one of the most important music awards in Germany. You can already vote for your favourite artist, album or song. There are as always some GGM involvements: STEFANIE...[more]

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YOAD NEVO: SAY LOU LOU's debut album - an invitation to dream

"Lucid dreaming" is the descriptive name of the debut album from the twins sisters duo SAY LOU LOU (à Deux/Cosmos Music) (lucid dreaming: being aware of dreaming, while in a dream) YOAD NEVO mixed the track...[more]

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STEFANIE HEINZMANN (Universal Music) is taking a chance with her just released fourth album "Chance of Rain" choosing new musical directions. YOAD NEVO mixed this albumListen to the first single of the album -...[more]

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YOAD NEVO: "Fifty Shades of Grey" OS high in international charts

The Original Soundtrack (Universal Studios and Republic Records) of the successful movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" takes high positions in international charts! TOP 5 in Norway, the USA and Denmark and even #1 in Germany,...[more]

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Yoad Nevo also worked for Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Ronan Keating, Girls Aloud, Sophie Ellis Bextor and many more...

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Yoad Nevo is a London based producer/mixer known for his work with Jem, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Dandy Warhols, Goldfrapp, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Moby, Air and Morcheeba amongst others. He is also the owner of Nevo Sound Studios in London, nevomastering.com and the inventor of several patents in the field of digital audio through his work with Waves Audio.

During the years 1998–2005 Nevo worked at Townhouse Studios alongside Spike Stent, Hugh Padgham and Jeremy Wheatley. Nevo designed and launched his own studio complex, ‘Nevo Sound Studios’, in 2005...

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