Welcome at the maarwegstudio2 in Cologne, Germany.

The former EMI studio – with SSL mix suite- is one of the classical recording studios which offers an exclusive collection of analog vintage-equipment and instruments besides modern digital technique.

Rock, Pop and Jazz –the maarwegstudio2 has productions of many different genres no matter if it is a huge production with major label or a indie-band with smaller budget.

By the way: The studio offers accommodation for up to six people - regarding additional costs please contact us via mail.

m2 Project

The newly built "m2-Project" is part of maarwegstudio2. It is located in the same building and offers a professional and comfortable environment for overdub recordings, writing sessions or in the box mix.

Professional acoustics, Pro Tools and Logic systems, analogue outboards, and one recording booth - it`s all there.

You can start in the big room upstairs, rehearsing and tracking and then take your production to the Project Room to finalize it.

maarwegstudio2 offers a package rate:

2 days maarwegstudio2, including assistant (e.g. drums in the big recording room)5 days for project-m2: 1299, - €

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