Nevo Sound

Nevo Sound is an inspiring large-scale studio facility that combines the best of the old and the new.

The studio has state-of-the-art ‘musical’ acoustic treatment, a custom made 60/92 Neve 5116 Console, customized and installed by Malcolm Atkin of Air Studios; ATC monitoring; a fully loaded digital editing suite; a collection of new and vintage microphones; analogue and digital synths, from the quirky to the classic; walls of acoustic and electric guitars; basses; exotic stringed instruments; a variety of amps; a Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit and plenty of percussion instruments and sound-making toys. It has been called a ‘musician’s playground’, and was designed to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for musicians and sound engineers alike. The studio is also fully surround capable and post-friendly with a large 72” screen.

Studio owner/Producer Yoad Nevo: "I really believe musicians and engineers want to work in a large room full of instruments full of analogue and digital gear, where everything is hooked up all the time. This is how inspired records happen."